Destructive Creations has started taking pre-orders for its top-down mass shooter, Hatred.

One of the only games to ever get slapped with an AO rating due to its violent nature has a new trailer and is taking pre-orders on its official website. There are two versions of Hatred you can pre-order, one costs €16.66 (roughly $18.84) and only includes the digital version of the game. The other costs €36.66 (~$41.45) and comes with a t-shirt and soundtrack. We get it -- Destructive Creations is sooooo edgy that they had to put 666 on Hatred's prices. Hatred's shirt/soundtrack bundle is limited to only 1,485 copies. The only other two games we can remember that were hit with an AO rating for violence (and not sexual content) were Manhunt 2 and Thrill Kill.

Nathan Explosion's Hatred will launch for PC sometime in Q2 2015. Want a spoiler? the game probably won't be that good once you look past its shock value and controversy.