The music-savvy maestros at Harmonix have been playing around with the idea of developing a new Rock Band title, but it's looking for what its fans want in order to make it happen.

Harmonix recently added new DLC to Rock Band 3 and Rock Band Blitz for the first time in years, but now it might finally be working on a new entry of the series. In order for Harmonix to test the waters and determine where to go with this next music title, it's looking for the fans' opinions, which you can give it by answering a short survey that it posted, Polygon reports.

A recent Rock Band study was done at McGill University, specifically in regards to people playing the peripheral-based series. In research that somehow evolved from sticking people's arms in buckets of ice water to playing Rock Band, two conclusions were met. The first is that when people stick their arms in ice water, it seems they feel more pain when sitting across from a friend as opposed to alone or with a stranger. What does this mean? That humans are able to empathize with others they are comfortable with. When the same test was done to people who played Rock Band with strangers prior to this challenge, things changed. After 15 minutes of playing Rock Band together, the subjects started to feel empathy for one another when sticking their arms in ice water. They also could have strained their arms before the ice dip from playing Guns N' Roses.

It would seem that playing Rock Band with a stranger is a real... ice breaker.

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