Harmonix, the developer behind Rock Band and Dance Central, has received new financial backing from venture capital firm The Foundry Group. The studio, who is responsible for the creation of Rock Band and the ensuing plastic instruments craze, is hard at work developing three new demos that will supposedly be interacted with in ways we've never seen before.

“Last fall, Alex Rigopulos and his partner Eran Egozy showed me the three new games they were working on. Each addressed a different HCI (Human Computer Interface) paradigm.” Said Brad Feld, Foundry Group Managing Director. “Each was stunningly envisioned. And each was magic, even in its rough form. Earlier this year I saw each game again, in a more advanced form. And I was completely and totally blown away – literally bouncing in my seat as I saw them demoed.” Feld will now be taking a spot on the Harmonix e-Board.

In short, Harmonix came up with new ways for players to interact with the games we play. Whether or not this comes down to a new peripheral or new ways to use old peripherals like the Kinect is yet to be seen. It is unclear as to whether or not these three demos will eventually be made into full titles, but we can likely expect some incredible new things coming from the studio in time for this year’s E3.