All you need after watching this guy sing the choral, intro theme to Halo is an electric guitar.

According to The Daily Dot, these two guys were visiting a massive, empty church in Switzerland when one of them started singing the choral Halo theme intro. The guy's echoing voice reverberates throughout the empty church, resulting in a dead on rendition of the famous video game song. The video, uploaded by YouTube user Rdub205, features the guy singing the ranging vocals of the intro. Travelling through Switzerland, neither of these guys thought to bring an electric guitar with them to continue with the rest of the song. Rdub also runs the website, RyaninRome.

The epic theme was originally composed by Martin O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori. O'Donnell was mysteriously let go from Bungie earlier this year, recently winning a legal settlement so he could get his unpaid wages and vacation hours from the former Halo studio that was due upon his departure. Nevertheless, it's great to see O'Donnell and Salvatori's iconic song done in such a manner.