Are you ready for a battle for the ages? In this week's installment of the Greatest Game Art Ever, we take a look at pieces of video game-inspired art featuring the eternal battle between warriors and fearsome dragons. There are classic dragons from as far back as Legend of Dragoon to more recent scaly villains like Deathwing from World of Warcraft. Here to combat them are legendary heroes like Link, Samus Aran and even a dragon hero, Spyro. Check out the gallery below to see the battle rage on!


We’re dying to see all the art you’ve come across or created in honor of your favorite games. If you have an artist or portfolio you’d like us to check out, please submit a link to Additionally, if there are any artists that we’ve highlighted that wish their works to be removed, please reach out to let us know. Where possible, please visit these artists’ websites to see more of their work, buy their products or commission an original piece.

Drakengard - Holy Legna by lus-luris

Meru - The Legend of Dragoon by Kalumis


Review Dragon's Lair by Zenox-furry-man

Charizard by el-grimlock

Samus VS Ridley by arthelius

The Power of Spyro by TargonRedDragon

Shiny Rayquaza Art by Alpha-mon

Dragonair by RebeccaWeaver

Dark Souls: Artorias the Abysswalker by HerrKamissar

Heroes of Sovngarde - Skyrim by IceDragonhawk

Infinity Blade: God King by TrueNights

Link VS The World by AlexBlueyed

Dragon's Crown II Rise of the Fallen Bones by gulavisual

Dragon Age Hawke Fan Art by creative-horizon

Samus Aran by VariaZim

Trevor Belmont - Castlevania by Destinyfall

Panzer Dragoon Orta Fan Art by stella9708

The Final Battle by Atolm

Deathwing the Destroyer by Houndourka