The first fan-made video from the Rockstar Editor showcases the super cool things you can do in the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V.

In the video above, you can check out a fan-made creation using the Rockstar Editor, the amazing video editor in the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V that will let you create awesome clips and movies throughout your escapades in Los Santos. The editor allows you to record, edit and share videos, which includes the ability to totally trick out your footage. Polygon reports that Rockstar Games approached and commissioned YouTuber 8-BIT BASTARD to create a video that showed off exactly what the editor can do, and he went above and beyond.

We're glad to see more was added to the PC release of Grand Theft Auto V than just its amazing visual upgrades. At the same time, these new visuals are quite impressive. Not only does the game now support resolutions up to 4K up to 60fps, but there are also a whole slew of texture quality, shader, tessellation and anti-aliasing settings that you can mess with to find your perfect combination.

You can check out Trevor running all over Grand Theft Auto V's landscapes, complete with awesome special effects and different camera angles in the video above.There are many different weather options to show off as well as the various lighting effects basd on the time of day. We're digging the Forrest Gump-vibe of it all. Since it's Trevor, we have a feeling there was a lot of corpses edited out of the footage.

The next few months will be exciting for original Grand Theft Auto V content, and we're waiting in anticipation of all the other fan-made videos that will be coming out.

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