Rockstar Games is letting you edit, mod and trick out your Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online recordings throughout Los Santos on PC with the Rockstar Editor.

The Rockstar Editor is a special feature for Grand Theft Auto V on PC that will let you record, edit and share vids made from its story or online modes. Sure, it's one thing to think, "oh it's just another video program specifically for the game." We assure you, the Rockstar Editor is much more than that. Just about any kind of video you could want to film throughout Los Santos, you'll likely be able to do it. You can even have an animal be the star of your movie, as seen in the video above which focused on an eagle flying above the Blaine County skyline.

This video creation tool is kind of like a super director program that will let you add all kinds of camera modes, filters, camera changes (both depth, range, rotation and viewpoint), and full access to every familiar face from Los Santos. Want to make a video starring Lamar, Chop and a moose from Blaine County? Go ahead. You can even use any of the songs from the hundreds of tracks in the game's soundtrack. After you're finished, you'll be able to upload your videos to both Rockstar Games' Social Club and YouTube.

The Rockstar Editor will be available when GTA V launches for PC on April 14.

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