Steam is telling Skyrim to step aside because Grand Theft Auto V has just come around to steal its place as the game with the most concurrent users on Steam.

According to GamesIndustryGrand Theft Auto V has overtaken Skyrim's spot for the most concurrent users on Steam. If you're wondering what that number is, you'd better hold on to your pants becuase it's just over 300,000 players at once! If you're wondering how Dota 2 could have possibly missed out on holding this spot, the answer is simple: games developed by Valve don't qualify. If they did, both Team Fortress 2 and Dota 2 would easily step right on over Grand Theft Auto V to claim their title. Dota 2 alone has nearly 800,000 players. Whew.

However, taking those two games out of the running makes for a pretty big difference. Skyrim's record was about 280,000 concurrent players making Grand Theft Auto V's new record an increase by 20,000 people. The third time is the charm for the game who has now had three separate releases — its original release on last-gen consoles, its remastered release for current-gen and now its PC release. However, this isn't the first record that Grand Theft Auto V has seen. The game hit $1 billion in profit faster than any other entertainment product ever made. Plus it also helps that it's the best-selling game ever in both the U.K. and U.S.

With over 45 million units shipped of the game on console as of Dec. 31, Grand Theft Auto V won't be slowing down anytime soon either. It will be interesting to see how well the game does on PC over the next few months.

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