A small percentage of eager players who were streaming Grand Theft Auto V's PC launch have have had their game keys stolen by viewers, which is why we can't have nice things (and post it online).

Kotaku reports that if you've been thinking about streaming the new Grand Theft Auto V for PC you should probably wait until your installation is complete before streaming (who wants to watch someone else's game install, anyway?). Apparently, there has been a few cases of Grand Theft Auto V keys being stolen as streamers download the game onto their PCs. If you're wondering who would be stupid enough to show their key on a stream, no one would be. What ends up happening after you install the entire game is a splash screen comes up that showcases not only the Rockstar logo, but also your game key. While we're not sure why any company would think that would be a good idea, but viewers have definitely been taking advantage of it.

Specifically, popular YouTuber MrBossFTW has tried to reach out to Rockstar through Twitter after this exact predicament befell him. "Just had my #GTAV PC key stolen on steam when it popped up for a split second :( Anyway you can help @RockstarGames?" he tweeted in an attempt to figure out what was going on. You can check out the full explanation of what happened in the video above. Steam has since given him a refund. He's not the only person who this happened to, though. One of our favorite streamers, Kaceytron, has also had the same problem as have many other streamers.

The moral of this story: make sure that your Grand Theft Auto V's PC version is completely installed and done with that pesky splash screen before you stream. You could also minimize your screen if you see your game key appear. Better yet, no one wants to watch an installation screen, how about you start streaming from the main menu after the game installs.

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