Rockstar's spin-offs Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories will be available on the PlayStation 3 in April.

Previously, the first three PlayStation 2-era GTA games made the jump to the PSN. Now Rockstar is hoping to finish off that period in time by releasing the PSP-turned-PS2 titles to fans who are either nostalgic or missed out the first time around.

Both games will cost $9.99 each. Liberty City Stories follows Tony Cipriani as he tries to clean up the city's underground crime, while trying to establish the Leone family as the felonious leadership. Vice City Stories stars Vic Vance, and follows him as he tries to make an empire from nothing.

We remember both of these games pretty fondly, and hope the PSN versions hold up today as well as they did when they originally released. Will you be picking either of these games up next week?