Rockstar has created some of the most memorable radio stations that never actually hit the airwaves. Now though, you can find all the stations from Grand Theft Auto right on Spotify.

The radio stations in a Grand Theft Auto title are almost as anticipated as the game itself. Through their DJs and song selections, they serve to deepen our understanding of the crime ridden city we're living in. The amount of effort and content that goes into each station is incredible and now we'll be able to enjoy it all without jacking a car.

Rockstar Games has released all the radio stations from Grand Theft Auto 3 and on. It is really great to hear all of the songs you used to listen to while perpetrating massive crimes. Sadly though, the DJ chatter that you've become so accustomed to is surprisingly absent. But, we'll settle for the awesome soundtracks.

Spotify is free and doing a simple search of the service will garner you with all the songs from your favorite Grand Theft Auto games. What was your favorite GTA radio station?

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