Rumors of Gran Turismo 6 coming soon have been making the rounds for a short while, but now an online retailer has posted the first product listing. Can an official announcement be far behind?

The listing popped up on NewEgg (and was spotted by IGN), where the online store listed Gran Turismo 6 for the PS3. No release date was visible. In fact, NewEgg currently claims the racing sequel as "discontinued," which could just be the site's way of keeping a placeholder release date off the page.

Earlier this year, a PlayStation executive claimed GT6 would be coming out on the PlayStation 3, but nobody every actually announced the sequel. As Polyphony Digital has been rather quiet as of late, even in the wake of the PlayStation 4 announcement, there is a chance the company could be plugging away at GT6 to make a big splash at E3.

While we won't know for certain just what lies ahead for the Gran Turismo franchise, getting a new game at the end of the PS3's life cycle wouldn't be an unheard of strategy from Sony. Until either company actually announces GT6 though, we'll try not to get too excited.