The next time you use Google to search for a video game, you'll be met with all of the title's vitals right off the bat.

Venture Beat reports that Google has expanded its search engine capabilities. Searching for the title of a video game will now provide a Knowledge Graph panel, as long as the person is looking for a recognizable title (unknown cell phone and indie games need not apply). Knowledge Graph is Google's project for mapping out the world, whether the user searched famous people, locations, events or objects, they will find the facts and stats of a topic right away. Google's mobile, Web and voice searches all tap into Knowledge Graph. Now, searching for video game titles will result in instantly finding pertinent information related to what you want. For example, I searched for Duke Nukem Forever and the Knowledge Graph panel on the right side of the screen instantly gave me a description of the game, its average ratings (including both Steam and Metacritic's), its developers, its publisher, its platforms and its unholy release date (as seen in the screenshot above).

We just hope Google doesn't start throwing ads and sponsored links in the middle of its Knowledge Graph panels sometime in the future.

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