This fantastic, unforgettable story of exploration, love and family is having a special version released, and its box art tributes the glory days of the SNES.

The Fullbright Company and Merge Games have announced that the spectacular, narrative-filled game, Gone Home, is getting a special boxed edition. This special release will feature an art book, poster, sticker, Steam key and DRM free version of the game. In Gone Home, you must investigate every detail of an abandoned house to find out what happened to your missing family members who used to live there, this includes reading every letter and checking every drawer.

Featuring stellar voice acting, an unforgettable story and a fully interactive house of the 1990s to explore, Gone Home is an experience most PC gamers should complete at least once -- there's a reason why we named it the Best Indie Game of 2013. Expect the special boxed edition of Gone Home to launch on July 3 for the price of £19.95 (~$34). You can order the boxed edition of Gone Home on Merge Games' website.

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