It's Walmart, so we're using the term "gold" rather freely when discussing the new Mario Party 10 amiibo.

All you amiibo enthusiasts out there better start scoping out your local Walmart and be ready for Nintendo's latest retailer-exclusive figurine. According to Polygon, the Gold Mario amiibo will be exclusive to Walmart. Mind you, Best Buy already had Meta Knight, Target had Rosalina and Luma, GameStop had Shulk and Toys 'R Us had Lucario; and all of them are pretty much sold out at their respective stores. A poster was found by a Reddit user that depicted the Gold Mario amiibo as being available "only at Walmart." If you're one of the gullible wondering if this amiibo figure is made out of real gold, don't bother. Much like the jewelry you can buy at Walmart, Mario is only painted gold.

Yesterday, we reported that amiibo figures will be able to unlock timed demos of classic NES and SNES titles on the Wii U. We wonder if the original Mario amiibo will unlock one classic title and if the Gold Mario will unlock something entirely different. Nintendo recently teased gold and silver versions of the Mario amiibo. If Walmart got the gold version, we can't imagine who would get the silver one in comparison. Just remember, Marth, the Villager, Wii Fit Trainer and all those retailer-exclusive figurines are pretty much sold out everywhere.

We expect that this new Mario will hit Walmart store shelves with Nintendo's new line of amiibo figures, which will be debuting alongside Mario Party 10 for the Wii U on March 12.