A trailer for an upcoming PlayStation 3 Godzilla game has appeared has surfaced from obscurity.

The trailer is presented by Namco Bandai, and features quick, grainy shots of the titular anti-hero rampaging through a fully-destructible city using punches, kicks, tail attacks and fire breath. The majority of the trailer shows a Godzilla who looks more like his 1960s incarnation than the 2014 American version, but a quick shot at the end gives us a quick look at a much bulkier creature that appears to be the new design from this year’s Gareth Edwards movie. No release period was mentioned, but the mention of PlayStation 3 indicates that the game will likely be exclusive to the console.

This early trailer shows only Godzilla, the King of the Monsters, but the Toho universe contains dozens of other giant beasts that could appear in the game as enemies or playable characters. Mothra, Gigan, Rodan, Gamera and Mechagodzilla are all well-known secondary monsters that have appeared in previous games, and would certainly help flesh out a new Godzilla title

In the 1990s and 2000s, Godzilla made regular appearances in games, starring in 17 titles in 17 years, but he hasn’t been the subject of a console release since 2007’s Godzilla: Unleashed for the Wii and PS2. Namco Bandai is no stranger to licensed properties, as they’ve produced numerous Naruto and Dragonball games, but their treatments of these properties has been inconsistent at best. With Godzilla, we’re hoping for a more polished and robust experience than anything offered by Namco Bandai’s animated properties. Namco Bandai is sure to reveal more info, like a developer and release window, soon.

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