Devolver Digital has released the launch trailer for Gods Will Be Watching, reminding us to make a choice between loyalty and the greater good.

Deconstructeam's Gods Will Be Watching will use the old school PC mechanics of point-and-click gameplay in order to put players in the captain's chair and make some extremely difficult decisions. Do you protect the lives of your loyal crew? Or do you sacrifice them for the greater good of your species? Narrative-wise, Gods Will Be Watching will throw you into some ethical puzzles where even the smallest of actions, such as punching a belligerent captive during a hostage event, can result in dire consequences (such as another hostage getting killed).

Gods Will Be Watching will launch on July 24 for the price of $9.99 for its normal edition and $19.99 for its collector's edition, which will include a soundtrack, digital art book and digital comic depicting the backstory of the game. Pre-ordering Gods before its release will give you a 10 percent discount of its final price, regardless of edition.