The third episode of the behind-the-scenes series, Unchained, gives us a continued look at God of War: Ascension's Desert of Lost Souls.

While it definitely doesn't sound like any place we'd like to visit, the Desert of Lost Souls certainly looks stunning. Even when viewing the multiplayer map in an unfinished state, you can see the awesome design and scale.

One cool feature mentioned in the video is the ability to destroy the environment in order to keep the player's view of the action unobstructed. But of course, the most impressive thing about the map is the gigantic cyclops hanging out in the background which players will eventually tackle.

The game is due out on March 12, 2013, but if you have a European PSN account, you can sign up for the beta before the deadline on Friday, December 7th. Be sure to check out the video below as well as the other episodes of Unchained.