A new God of War: Ascension trailer has gone up, focusing on the single-player mode and everyone's favorite candidate for anger management, Kratos.

The trailer comes to us courtesy of IGN and shows Kratos up to his old tricks, fighting mythological creatures and making sure they stay mythological. We even see a bit of his softer side (didn't know he had one), and witness some tender moments with his family, way before the tragedy that set him on his path for revenge.

"All that I loved is gone. Pain is all I have left," says the God of War, before totally letting loose and doing what he does best. And in keeping tradition with the series' menagerie of enemies, you've got the usual humanoid demons and strange behemoths.

But you know what? We're totally excited to fight that gigantic sea monster that looks like a combination of an octopus, a piranha, and a creature from our worst flu-induced nightmares. It's going to be awesome.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think about the first chapter in Kratos' story.