If you've signed up and played Rise of the Warrior for the sole purpose of getting into the God of War: Ascension beta, then check your accounts now for codes.

A lot of people are saying the codes don't work and they're right; the beta access codes won't go live until December 12th. It doesn't seem to matter if players were on the Trojan or Spartan sides, so everyone should sync their PSN accounts to the website's Rise of the Warrior login just to make sure.

God of War: Ascension won't be out until March 2013, so we'll probably see some more beta phases roll out within the next month or so. New challenges are due for Rise of the Warrior, which will probably provide players who missed out on a beta code now a chance to earn one.

Check below for Part 1 of a look at one of the multiplayer maps called The Desert of Lost Souls, from the God of War: Ascension - Unchained series.