Anyone wanting a piece of the multiplayer action in God of War: Ascension will be glad to know that beta sign-ups have gone live for European PSN accounts.

And really, who hasn't wanted to throw down with their friends and lay down a Kratos-sized smackdown, if only for bragging rights? Going to the beta sign-up page prompts users to enter any relevant PSN account info for the chance to get into the preview. Anyone lucky enough to get picked will face off against the masses in eight-player combat.

Even if you're only remotely interested in the multiplayer offerings of Ascension, you should act quickly and sign up because the deadline is 12 p.m. on Friday, December 7th. Peep the trailer below to see if this beta looks like something you'd want to join.

The official website promises the beta will be out in the winter for PlayStation Plus members and tells non-members to keep an eye on the FAQ for more info.