If you've ever hurled your little goat body into a human on Goat Simulator just to watch them contort into some super weird positions and thought, "I really wish I could do this with my friends," then you're in luck. The Swedish developer Coffee Stain Studios has decided to add some MMO action to the popular and goofy Goat sim.

Goat MMO Simulator is the name of the new free expansion coming to Goat Simulator later this month. This means that you will be able to either be one of five classes: Warrior, Rouge, Magician, Hunter, and Microwave. In terms of content, Coffee Stain Studios has said, "Prolly not tons of content... but don't hate be cool." You will be able to reach level 101, check out Dumbledore the Grey in Twistram, and maybe headbutt a few elves and dwarves.

With "MMO simulation so good you'll think it's real", players will be anxiously awaiting patch 1.2 which comes out on Nov. 20.