We were impressed when Sony announced that the PS4 had become profitable in only five months. We were even more impressed by indie game Monument Valley, which made its production costs back in only a week. An announcement today at Germany’s GDC conference, however, is simply staggering; the insane and ridiculous Goat Simulator recouped its production budget within ten minutes of its launch.

Joystiq reports that Coffee Stain Studio's Armin Ibrisagic announced that the game, released on Steam on April 1, 2014, has sold almost a million copies, and made back the money invested in "ten minutes." Ibrisagic also noted that Goat Simulator generated more revenue in four months than the studio had in the previous four years.

The success of Goat Simulator has to be a shock to its creators, especially considering the game was originally made as something of a joke. A YouTube video of an alpha stage of Goat Simulator, however, garnered over a million hits in just two days, convincing the developer to direct all their resources into creating a full game. That decision has clearly paid off, with the game coming to iOS devices and Xbox One in the near future. With the added exposure these platforms will provide, we expect Goat Simulator to become even more profitable, and to entertain many more gamers with its absurd premise and hilariously glitchy gameplay.