There may not have been a cow level in Diablo III, but Goat Simulator has brought back a Blizzard favorite with this amazing Easter egg.

YouTuber l3ardoc has posted amazing footage from Goat Simulator's recently launched, MMO-themed expansion, Polygon reports. In this video, we see one of Coffee Stain Studios' physics-flipping goats visiting a town called "Twistram." Of course, this is a parody on the town of Tristram, which was ravaged during the events of the first Diablo game and revisited during its sequels. After fighting its way through a church and emerging out of an underground tunnel, the goat found a glyph leading to the "Not So Secret Cow Farm." Just look at what happens next.

That's right, Cow Simulator has recreated Blizzard's famous cow level -- Cow King included. You can even fight them all (notice the health bars). Bravo, Coffee Stain Studios. Bravo. Hopefully, we can get a Stone of Jordan out of this.