Moneyhorse Games has released a new trailer for their upcoming PC and mobile game, Glorious Leader! As is evident in the trailer, the game is based on the real-life adventures of North Korea’s Supreme Leader, Kim-Jong Un, including the time he famously and triumphantly rode his unicorn to victory over America. We all remember that.

Glorious Leader! Will see players guide KJU through seven levels of combat against American imperialist pigs in a retro-style side-scrolling shooter. The Supreme Leader won’t be alone in his exploits; his BFF, Dennis “What the hell is wrong with me?” Rodman, will join in as the second player, helping his hetero-lifemate defeat American soldiers and tanks, and even burn down an American flag. Nice.

Glorious Leader! Is obviously a piece of parody, but it’s the kind of project that’s sure to raise some ire from the masses. Using a strongly anti-American, anti-Western, borderline sociopathic world leader as a game’s protagonist is a bold choice, and one that’s sure to outrage people who tend to be outraged by such things. Conversely, the controversial choice will certainly garner the game more mainstream media attention, significantly increasing its visibility. Whether or not people will actually want to play as a silly, Contra-esque version of the despised tyrant is yet to be seen. We'll see if unicorns and a seven-time rebounding champ can outweigh staggering human rights violations when the game launches later in 2014.