When you first open the Globlins app, it appears as if it’s a game solely dedicated for youngsters, especially when you take a look at the Cartoon Network logo. Surprisingly enough, Globlins is a cool interactive little iPhone game that’s filled with gooey fun for people of all ages. The difficulty of the game is rather sporadic, but it doesn’t deter you from trying to run through the various levels.

Globlins centers on a group of youngsters who try to defeat all the squishy aliens that are dead set on brainwashing all their friends. The only way they can get rid of the evil but happy-looking creatures is through popping each one of them until they leave the creavases of their friend’s brains. The game walks you through the tutorial, showing you how to vanquish these gooey little creatures off the face of this planet. The farther you progress, the more likely you’ll be stumbling into a new aspect of the game that requires a brief, but clear, tutorial. At the same time the game is rather simplistic so it doesn’t take that long to get the hang of it. There’s also something about wanting to pop these little alien creatures that gives you hours of entertainment. Maybe it’s our childhood fascination with popping  bubble wrap, especially since these creatures appear to be a gooey version of those objects, but no matter what, it’s fun.

Cartoon Network

Each main level is a brain that you have to crawl through and de-brainwash, which is fun considering how many sub-levels there are to comb through. Along the way you encounter a variety of creatures, including a few bosses, who are hellbent on stopping you from achieving your goal. But that’s okay, because your tutorial friend is there to guide you along the way, and so is your coin bank. The coins may come in handy for you when you need them the most, and don’t splurge on a little purple gooey guy every time you feel like you’re in a game bind. That’ll be a sure-fire way for you to lose enough coins and not be able to move forward. Let us not forget our human helpers, who can give you extra waterdrops so you can chug through the various sub-levels. They can help you out every once in awhile, but they have a very limited supply of water. Once they’re out, you’ll have to wait nearly 24 hours to get them back by your side. Do you want to speed up that process? Then you better give the game a couple bucks because that’s what it’s going to take. The apps that come from high profile companies like Cartoon Network have a knack for trying to get your wallet when they can, but thankfully Globlins doesn’t try to exploit that at every turn. It will eventually become unavoidable once you get to a certain level, but at that point the player will be clever enough to store their coins and extra water droplets for good use.

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The mechanics of Globlins aren’t perfect, but at the same time it’s not incredibly flawed either. The adults who play the game more than likely want a bigger challenge with this app, but they’re not going to get it. Globlins was made for a much younger audience, so some of the fun with the app gradually disappears after a certain amount of gameplay. However, the difficulty is perfect for those in the younger demographic with enough tutorials and extra bonuses to keep them entertained for hours, or until you need to plug your iPhone into a charger. The bosses are fun to defeat, but they’re also rather simple to go past as well. There isn’t too much to complain about with Globlins, but the one thing it is lacking is the game’s real challenge that makes you want to repeat playing once you’re done with it.

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At least Globlins is delightful to look at and listen to while you’re chugging through one level after another. The little sound effects of the aliens making strange sounds as you press on various buttons will leave you chuckling. The music that’s beaming through the background is memorable, mainly because it doesn’t sound like your everyday game. It has a surprising amount of quality to it, at least enough to keep you entertained throughout gameplay.

This review was completed with a purchased copy of Globlins for iOS.

App Store Link: Globlins for iPhone & iPad | By Turner Broadcasting Systems, Inc. | Price: $1.99 | Version: 1.1.0 | 88.4 MB | Rating: 9+

7.5 out of 10 arcade sushi rating