The popular anime franchise, Ghost in the Shell, is getting a new first-person shooter. Better yet, it's getting a Western release for all you old school anime fans.

Nexon America will be bringing the anime-based, first-person shooter, Ghost in the Shell Online, over for a Western release. Ghost in the Shell Online is so new that we really don't know all that much about it just yet. However, it is based off of the Ghost in the Shell franchise, so we at least know that it's about the Public Security Section 9 and their fight against evil and cybernetic crime. Destructoid reports that Nexon America has announced that it will be making its way over to the United States, Latin America, Europe and Australia. Not only that, but it will be debuting this year. However, with the great reception that the original Ghost in the Shell game received, it definitely has some expectations to live up to.

The franchise started out as a manga and then ended up being in a multitude of anime shows and movies. It also received a decent video game collection, the newest of which is Ghost in the Shell Online. The first game was a cyberpunk-themed third-person shooter for the original PlayStation. From there, it branched out to PlayStation 2 and PSP in another third-person shooter and a first-person shooter, respectively. However, neither the second or third game did as well, ratings and market wise, as the first game did, so we will have to see if Ghost in the Shell Online will be the game to break that pattern.

There's no release date for Ghost in the Shell Online for any of the regions it's coming to just yet, but you can expect it to release sometime this year.

For those wondering what it looks like, here is Ghost in the Shell Online's trailer from last year: