The Angry Video Game Nerd has been tortured by horrible retro videogames for years. Now, it’s time for him to finally get his revenge.

The Nerd himself posted a brand new gameplay video for the upcoming Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures. The game allows the AVGN to wander around several different levels themed after genres of classic 8-bit games, armed with only his zapper, his frown, and his middle finger. Join him as he sleds on top of a dead Santa, murders cute and smiling Japanese anime stereotypes, dodges penis shaped missiles, and faces off against a … poo … golem … Did we mention that this trailer is not safe for work?

AVGN Adventures is scheduled to be released on PCs later this year. In addition, the game has passed through Steam Greenlight in a little under two weeks, so Steam users will get their chance to fire bullets at poo just like the rest of us.