Tomorrow Corporation, a new studio that features Kyle Gabler (one half of World of Goo creators 2D Boy), is ready to set the iPad on Fire this Thursday with the launch of their sandbox puzzle game Little Inferno!

Originally released for the PC and Wii U, the game will now be available on iOS, where we think it will truly catch fire. Much like World of Goo was even better with a touchscreen interface, we think the same might be the case with Little Inferno. In the game, you toss different items into a fireplace and then watch them burn!

After you have something that's reduces to ashes, it will turn into coins that you can use to buy new things to set ablaze. Setting certain types of objects on fire at the same time will get you stamps, which you can use to speed up access to new burnables.

If you haven't heard anything about this game yet, take a peep at this trailer for the PC and Wii U version below: