Fresh from the Pokedex, here are the first official images of the brand-new starter and Legendary Pokemon starring in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y.

Though they debuted in the announcement trailer, little else was known about the five new Pokemon making their first appearances in X and Y. As you can see from the diagram above, each Pokemon has a distinct advantage over the other, as is customary with the game's combat mechanics.

Chespin is a grass-type, which gives him the ability to tackle water-type Froakie with ease. However, Froakie has a bit of an edge in battle against Fennekin, a fire-type. Of course, it all comes full circle with Fennekin being granted strength over Chespin.

In addition to providing a few details on the three starter Pokemon, we also learned some size specifics for the Legendary Pokemon in X/Y. Xerneas is 9'10" tall, and weighs in at 474 lbs. Yveltal is 19' tall, and is a surprisingly lighter 474.5 lbs.

Check out the images below, and let us know which of these Pokemon you'll be using when Pokemon X and Y arrive this October.