Epic Games, developers of the Gears of War series, have seen a lot of important figures leave the team this year. Mike Capps, President of Epic Games, is one of those figures.

In a post on Epic Game's Community Page, Mike Capps leaves a fond farewell, explaining that he's leaving due to his growing family. Capps joins Cliff "Dude Huge" Bleszinski and Rod Fergusson on a short list of key people that have left Epic Games in 2012. Bleszinski left after 20 years with the company and Fergusson joined Irrational Games to work on BioShock Infinite. Capps says that he'll, "continue to be available as a resource to Epic" and will "still be posting the occasional foodie and gamer musings on @epicactual", his Twitter account.

Capps' leaving comes a few months before the March 19, 2013 release of Epic's latest project, Gears of War: Judgment.