Gaben, patron saint of PC gamers, has just dropped the news that Valve will be rolling out a gaming console for living rooms starting next year.

An article on Kotaku features snippets of an interview with Newell at the VGAs where the Valve boss talks about his expectations for PC companies next year. He predicts that they'll start to sell packages that will let you play PC games and run Steam straight through your TV.

Newell tells Kotaku's Jason Schreier that Valve will certainly come out with a similar hardware package, albeit one that focuses on Steam games. But he also says people will be free to choose a more open experience with other general purpose PCs, which is one of the advantages of PC gaming.

No concrete information about the fabled "Steam Box" has surfaced yet, but we'll keep you updated on any changes. Until then, read the full interview on Kotaku to see what else Gaben has to say.