As everyone is anxious to see 'Jurassic World,' it would make sense that Nintendo would bring back dino-fighting with Fossil Fighters Frontier. Were you expecting the Big N to bring back Primal Rage?

The next installment in the Fossil Fighters franchise, Fossil Fighters Frontier, was announced way back at E3 2014, but we haven't heard a thing about it since the show. During the latest Nintendo Direct presentation, fans of fighting dinosaurs got a new look at the new fronter in Fossil Fighters, and those with fossil fighting friends will have a lot to look forward to. For those who don't know, Fossil Fighters plays kind of like Pokemon, but with dinosaurs.

Mixed among the fossil excavation and Vivosaur training is the brand new multiplayer aspect, which allows players to take their trained Vivosaurs and match with up to six players in 3-on-3 local and online team battles. This creates a strategic element that extends outside of one single player's game and stretches into their friends' progress as well, letting players craft perfect teams of three well-trained fighting machines.

We've always considered Fossil Fighters to be a perfect stepping stone to Nintendo's other major creature collection franchise, but if the series keeps adding really cool features like this (and perhaps a Wii U version to really expand its audience) maybe Fossil Fighters can take on a life of its own outside the shadow of the yellow electric mouse and company.

Fossil Fighter Frontier launches on March 20 exclusively for Nintendo 3DS.