Console racing fans were treated to a brand new edition to their gaming garage this week with Forza Horizon. Forza Horizon lets you explore an open world with the meandering roads of Colorado without the fear of being pulled over by the fuzz in your half million dollar Ferrari. You all have those, right? Anyway, it looks to be one of the best and most unique entries into the series. But, you can't carry a console in your pocket, so what do you do if you're bit by the motor oil covered racing bug while out at the mall or in the passenger seat of your friend's car? Pull out your iPhone and iPad and play the mobile equivalent of Forza Horizon -- Real Racing 2.

Forza Horizon looks gorgeous, but Real Racing 2 easily matches up to it pixel to pixel. It is incredible the fidelity of the graphics packed into my little iPhone. Take a look at some of these screenshots and try to tell which ones came from the massive box under the TV and the little device you keep in your pocket. The power of your iPhone can be sorely underestimated sometimes, but the Real Racing 2 takes full advantage of all the processing power your iPhone has to deliver.

Forza Horizon

Forza 4 utilized the Kinect for an assortment of movement based controls. Forza Horizon sadly removed most of those amazing features. Luckily, Real Racing 2 takes advantage of your device's gyroscope for steering which adds another level of immersion to the little game. The customizable options further the experience and allow it easily to hold its own with Forza Horizon. Both games allow you to trick out your ride so much that it'll make Xzibit blush.

You might think that Forza Horizon has the advantage of being on the big screen, but you'd be quite wrong. In fact, you can swipe Real Racing 2 up onto your TV with AirPlay and enjoy the real racing experience on the big screen. It's pretty enough to make Forza very jealous.

Don't believe us? Check out Real Racing 2 running in 1080p.

And a couple of screenshots in case you're still not convinced.

Real Racing 2
Real Racing 2

The only thing that could be more excited than playing Forza Horizon and Real Racing 2 is Real Racing 3. There’s only a few blurbs, a development diary video and screenshots for the newest iOS racer, but boy does it look good. It also will be optimized for the extra screen real estate on the iPhone 5. Finally, something to fill in that extra half inch! [That's what she sa... nevermind. —Ed.]

It is intoxicating to know that you'll have all those cars and all that speed in you pocket. Productivity at work is sure to plummet, but your ability to clip apexes will skyrocket. You'll also love playing it in public because you always get bemused looks from people who are watching you fidget with your phone from moving it side to side in an effort to steer yourself away from a wall.

Real Racing 3

As far as a distilled racing experience, Forza is undoubtedly one of the kings of the consoles, but on the iOS, Real Racing reigns supreme. If you don’t have giant console, you don’t have to deprive yourself of a full bodied racing experience. While those console games are taking forever to install and load, you can be out, about, and blowing the doors off of every one of your opponents.