‘Fortnite’ is set to return to iOS devices after Apple agreed to allow “alternative app marketplaces” - but the move has enraged the game’s boss.

The beloved title was removed from the platform after Epic Games, who developed the title, bashed Apple for taking 30 per cent in commission in the App Store, resulting in the two locking horns in court. Now, the tech juggernaut has agreed to the European Union’s calls to allow sideloading on iPhones, iPads and Macs, meaning users will be able to download software from marketplaces other than the App Store, though insisted developers will still need to pay €0.50 for each first annual install over a 1 million threshold.

In a statement, Epic Games’ CEO Tim Sweeney labelled the policy “hot garbage” and said that it is a “devious new instance of Malicious Compliance”.

The boss did however reveal that the company would be returning their game to iOS devices through their Epic Games Store, and is hoping their marketplace will “become the numeber one multi-platform software store, on the foundation of payment competition, 0-12 percent fees, and exclusive games like ‘Fortnite’."

In a press release, Apple executive Phil Schiller announced the tech conglomerate’s change in policy.

He said: “The changes we’re announcing today comply with the Digital Markets Act’s requirements in the European Union, while helping to protect EU users from the unavoidable increased privacy and security threats this regulation brings.

“Our priority remains creating the best, most secure possible experience for our users in the EU and around the world.

“Developers can now learn about the new tools and terms available for alternative app distribution and alternative payment processing, new capabilities for alternative browser engines and contactless payments, and more. Importantly, developers can choose to remain on the same business terms in place today if they prefer.”

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