The first official image for Battlefield 4 has supposedly leaked leading up to the sequel's March 26th reveal.

Battlefield 4 will debut at GDC next week, but little is known about what DICE has in store for this next installment. While we still haven't found out any details about gameplay, the first promotional image has been leaked thanks to AllGamesBeta.

The art matches up with earlier descriptions we'd heard making the rounds last week, and shares a lot in common with the Battlefield 3 key art. The series (now) trademark blue and orange color scheme returns, and the U.S. soldier standing front and center with his automatic rifle is back as well. This time however, there are a bunch of tanks backing him up, rather than other soldiers. It's also raining, which could mean there will be active weather in this new entry.

More details are sure to come next week, and you can tell us what you hope to see in Battlefield 4 in the comments below.