A flurry of rumors surrounding EA's and DICE's Battlefield 4 have sprung up, with many signs pointing to a March 26th reveal.

EA hasn't been very secretive about the fact that Battlefield 4 exists. Though it's been known to be in development since last year, very few details about the game have been disclosed, save for the fact that it's due out in 2013 and will stay in the modern era.

With GDC, one of the year's bigger gaming conventions, about to go down on March 25th, it appears EA has been gearing up to formally unveil the first details on Battlefield 4. As OXM UK reported, several outlets have received invites to a mystery event bearing the trademark Battlefield color scheme. Moreover, details on the box art for the game have cropped up in several locations, such as NeoGAF and Battlefieldo, the same site that broke the news of Battlefield Premium way back when last year.

Battlefieldo claims to have seen the sequel's box art, and also stated a teaser trailer hyping everyone for a full trailer on March 26th (which has somehow become common practice now), would arrive later on Friday. If all the supposed dates are correct, we won't have to wait long to verify the validity of these reports.