Real Racing 3 has been on our speedometer for awhile now. Back in September, we really enjoyed getting into their developer diary videos, but we were't too psyched about the news last month that the game would be delayed until February. But the Firemonkeys boys are back with a new entry!

We are always in favor of releasing a game "when it's done," as that philosophy more often than not leads to polished titles. If the looks of this latest developer diary are any indication, that's gonna hold true in the case of Real Racing 3, as it's looking better than ever!

In the video, Rob Murray of Firemonkeys discusses creating a track created right from the streets of their own home city of Melbourne, Australia. It's cool to see what goes into creating such lifelike and realistic renderings of real world cars and tracks.

The game is still on schedule to peel out sometime in "late February" according to the company. But hey, we're totally cool if they want to beat that time. No problemo.

Check out the new developer diary video below: