Fire Emblem Awakening is not slowing down when it comes to the strategic assault on our wallets. More downloadable content is on the way, as evidenced in the new DLC trailer, and we're not ashamed to say that we're all for it.

The new trailer runs down the new DLC and what rewards they have in store for intrepid adventurers looking to complete the quests in the Outrealm.

If you've been keeping track, we already have access to the Champions of Yore and Golden Packs, which give us legendary figures such as Marth and Roy, as well as a way to farm lots of gold and experience.

But coming soon are some new packs with even cooler rewards. First is the Lost Bloodlines pack, which ultimately awards players with the Dread Scroll item that can turn characters into Dread Pirates.

The Smash Pack features maps titled "Smash Brethren," and will reward victorious players with an item called the Wedding Bouquet that can transform characters into the new Bride class. The whole series ends with an epic fight when Chrom and his crew go up against the combined might of Ike and Roy's forces.

The Rogues Pack pits the player's army against an Army of Light and Darkness. Defeating these armies will reward players with Ephraim, Cecilia, Ike, and a "Limit Break" skill.

Watch the video below to see these map packs in action and prepare your wallets for the emptying to come!