Based on the Final Fantasy VII casino of the same name, Final Fantasy XIV is bringing the Gold Saucer back in a big way. There's mini-games, mega-prizes, chocobo eugenics and more awaiting you at the most gilded of saucers!

Square Enix has announced on the PlayStation Blog that a new version of the Gold Saucer amusement park has launched in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. With this new attraction comes all sorts of awesome moogle- and chocobo-filled mini-games. First off, players can now raise and race their own chocobo. You can create a champion breed of chocobo whose offspring will dominate the racetrack for generations (just like Cloud did). You'll also get full control of your bird during its actual races, dodging hazards and grabbing power-ups as you go.

Square Enix

Next is Final Fantasy VIII's famous Triple Triad, the wonderfully addictive card game some players (including yours truly) liked more than the actual RPG itself. There are eight cards to begin with, some of which you'll earn through Triple Triad tournaments, and others you'll have to snag via questing and raiding.

Several smaller mini-games populate the Gold Saucer in addition to these big events. There's a basketball game, a crane game and more. These arcade titles, like all the activities at the Gold Saucer, offer Manderville Gold Saucer points (MGP), which you can use to obtain fabulous prizes like mounts, pets and a slick outfit or two.

Lastly, the Gold Saucer is home to a variation on FFXIV's Active Time Events; these Gold Saucer Active Time Events (otherwise known as GATEs) are quick, random mini-games that will net plenty of points for all players skilled and lucky enough to beat them.

With patch 2.51 officially here, the Gold Saucer has opened and is in full swing, so if you're a Final Fantasy XIV subscriber, pop on over and check it out.

You can probably win some cool swords at the Gold Saucer: