Square Enix's self-imposed radio silence on Final Fantasy Versus 13 is coming to an end soon according to the game's director.

One of the most bizarre development stories of this current generation, the mystery surrounding Final Fantasy Versus 13 may finally be cleared up according to director Tetsuya Nomura. In a recent episode of Square Enix Radio (highlighted by Gematsu), Nomura was asked when new information about FF Versus 13 would be released.

"Even within the company it’s a very delicate problem," Nomura said. "The date when we can concretely lift the ban has been decided and we are preparing for that moment. Maybe the details as to why information couldn’t be released might be touched upon at the next information announcement. I’m sorry it’s already overdue, but please wait just a little more."

Not exactly a concrete answer, but one that does seem to point to an actual update on the game coming shortly. There was a time when it appeared that Square had all but given up on Versus 13, but it would seem the off-shoot is no longer on life support.

Of course, Square Enix actually has to follow through with this supposed update, so until more official statements are made, we remain skeptical about the future of Final Fantasy Versus 13.