The "real" ending of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD has fans speculating that there's a sequel coming for Ace and the gang. Spoilers: many games tease sequels in their endings.

YouTuber walkthrough Noob has posted a video containing the bonus ending cinematic to Final Fantasy Type-0 HD that suggests there could be a sequel to the game, which would likely be called Final Fantasy Type-1 if it were to happen. The video continues the bloodied ending for Class Zero and features Ace revitalized after the ending's events. Ace is seen draped in a magical, fiery garb that is reminiscent of what Kurasame wore throughout the game. Kurasame was the teacher of Class Zero whose grey hair and ninja mask reminded us a bit of Kakashi from Naruto.

The Director of Type-0 HD, Hajime Tabata, has been rather open about his fondness of Class Zero and the world they live in, hoping to one day revisit them in a new project. Unfortunately, this would mean that Type-1, or whatever this potential sequel is, will have to be built from scratch (Type-0 HD is a port of a PSP title, and still looks like one). Of course, Type-0 HD just launched in North America this week, so it's still far too early to see whether or not Square Enix will decide to do a sequel. Then again, the masses are known for buying anything with the words "Final Fantasy" in its title just out of sheer love for the franchise, which Square Enix may have taken advantage of by charging $60 for a PSP game that was lazily and hastily ported over to the PS4. We'd much rather see Square Enix spending resources on a different project than building Type-1 from scratch, such as an HD remake of Chrono Trigger, FFVI, FFVII or Chrono Cross (or even a direct sequel to any of these).