With every cool new game comes a cool (but expensive) collector's edition featuring loads of goodies for the hardcore fans. The contents of Final Fantasy Type 0 HD's Collector's Edition have finally been announced, and you'll definitely want to start saving your gil now.

With the Collector's Edition, you'll get plenty of the typical goodies you'd find in most collector's editions, like the 80-page hardcover art book featuring work by legendary Final Fantasy artist Yoshitaka Amano and huge Eidolon cards featuring some of the summoned monsters which have become staples of the series, such as Bahamut and Odin.

You'll also get a 200-page manga to go along with the Collector's Edition. This manga takes place concurrently with the opening sequence of Final Fantasy Type 0, and should give you a better look into its large cast and world.

Lastly, nabbing the Collector's Edition will guarantee you a copy of the Final Fantasy XV "Episode Duscae" demo. That's right, a demo of the game many assumed to be dead will be there, chewing a handful of phoenix down and smirking right in your non-believing face. All in all, these goods seem like standard fare for a collector's edition, with the huge artbook and manga standing out as particularly good deals, but you'll definitely have to be a hardcore Final Fantasy fan to appreciate everything enough to want to pay the full $99 price tag for the Collector's Edition.

Final Fantasy Type 0 HD comes to Playstation 4, PSP, and Xbox One on March 17, 2015.

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