Square Enix has announced that we're returning to the Final Fantasy VII universe to play as Cloud Strife one more time in Final Fantasy VII G-Bike.

Do you remember that epic highway sequence in FF7 after fighting President Rufus on the roof of the Shinra Tower? It was the scene in which Cloud was on a motorcycle and had to protect his friends in the truck. Is your memory jogged yet? Good!

Square Enix has decided to make this beloved minigame into a full-fledged mobile game. Final Fantasy VII G-Bike takes Cloud's bike to the modern era by redesigning its Buster Sword-based combat from the ground-up.

This is the best we've seen Cloud in a long time, besides Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and Dirge of Cerberus. Considering it's a mobile title, G-Bike is looking to be really impressive. Now if only Square Enix could create a chocobo racing mobile game or a sequel to G-Bike with Cloud snowboarding.

Final Fantasy VII G-Bike has yet to have a release date attached to it, but it will be coming out for iOS and Android devices. The game will be free-to-play, but will also feature microtransactions in the form of freemium content.