There is a staggering amount of amazing mash-ups out there that no one has ever conceptualized. So let's thank our luck stars someone mashed up Final Fantasy VI and Wu-Tang Clan and turned it into a reality.

An interview with Polygon explores composer and emcee Matt Hopkins' motivations for creating such a mash-up. The Lexington, Kentucky-based Hopkins had previously released mash-ups of Chrono Trigger and Jay-Z as well as Castelvania with Nas. This newest project, called 'Final Fantasy - The 3-6 Chambers', expertly crams together the titles of Final Fantasy VI and the Wu-Tang Clan's first album, 'a36 Chambers'.

He said, "My intention was just to see how many people would actually like these two things together. I ended up hearing all kinds of stories, from a guy telling me that I helped him finally understand hip-hop through the perspective of games, to people saying that I brought their buried nostalgia for games out of the closet."

With regard to the legality of using the songs in mash-ups, Hopkins said, "It's still a new idea, even though mashups have been going on for a while. They are usually released for free, which does not mean that mashup artists couldn't be prosecuted, but it is kind of a 'we'll overlook you' thing, like brownbagging with alcohol. Also they aren't keen to pay for a legal battle with someone who isn't making money."

Check out the track below and listen to the rest of the album on its Bandcamp page

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