The director of Final Fantasy XV has spoken on the game's current status of development, and reveals there's an actual launch in sight. Kind of.

In an interview with the French video game site, Gamekult (video provided below, warning: en français), Square Enix Producer and Director Hajime Tabata provided an update on the development of Final Fantasy XV, Siliconera reports. Tabata was announced as the game's director after Tetsuya Nomura was pulled off of the project to focus on Kingdom Hearts III. Most of the interview focused on Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, but he eventually got to speaking about FFXV.

At the 6:30 mark in the video, Tabata explained that his staff at Square Enix have been inspired and have high hopes after FFXV's positive reception at the 2014 Tokyo Game Show. Progress on the game's development is going smoothly as Tabata's team is preparing to enter the stage of producing FFXV's master-build. Unfortunately, his team of staff members is lacking for this part (you would think that Square Enix would give its flagship franchise everything it needs). Square Enix has actually been hiring for this team at its Tokyo office to help with the master-build.

Tabata said that Square Enix has an estimated release window for the game. Of course, most major games have deadlines in development and intended launch windows in mind.

“We have a general idea of what year and period [of the year] we’re targeting for its release,” Tabata said.. “And we’re at a stage where we’re putting everything we toward [the release window].”

“However, I believe that it might take just a little bit longer than you’d hope for.”

Well at least Square Enix knows the release window. Perhaps after so much time speculating on the Final Fantasy XV's cancellation, the developer is a little gun shy in announcing those plans to the world. But at least we know it's definitely coming for sure this time.

Tabata is a miracle worker, but he can't bring Aeris back from the dead.