Square Enix has come forward with some details about its future game, Final Fantasy 15 and it seems to be changing all the rules.

Final Fantasy 15 has been a long time in the making with its debut taking place in 2006, but now Polygon reports that players will be able to see why. There are a few very specific changes in Final Fantasy 15 that tweaks the way the game is played compared to the previous games.

The first one has to do with special party attacks. Now, when in a party, you and your party-mates can set up a special, super powerful attack. While you'll have to time your button presses correctly, the mechanic is still being developed so we'll have to wait and see how quickly those button presses will have to be. Your main weapon will be the one to decide what your special attack will be.

The second change will be to MP. MP will no longer correspond to the amount of magic a player has. Now, it will instead be used for special moves. Again, this mechanic is still being fully developed and there are even less details about it than there are about party special attacks. Finally, there will be an addition of summons that can only be used by Noctis, the protagonist of the game.

There's still no set release for Final Fantasy 15, but it seems it's well underway in terms of development.