New footage of Final Fantasy XV is always good, but we never thought watching Noctis and the gang just running around could be so captivating.

Square Enix's has posted two new videos of Final Fantasy XV on its Japanese YouTube account. One of these videos is a tech demo of Final Fantasy XV (provided below), showing off the game's graphical prowess as well as focusing on the amount of details that have gone into each in-game model.

The other video is a bit longer and focuses on Noctis and the gang roaming the wilds. The video starts off with the crew driving around, passing by a gas station that has a few workers and customers present. The visuals of FFXV's massive, outdoor world look absolutely amazing. At the same time, there is a noticeable draw distance for the enemies, mountains and other landmarks that would magically phase into existence that we have seen happen in most other open world games. The wildlife and day/night mechanics of FFXV look awesome, and we were genuinely surprised by the flying vehicles seen at the end of the video.

Final Fantasy XV still has no announced launch window for its North American release in sight, but we can expect it to eventually debut on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

We hope these summons are included in FFXV:

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