We have found some new gameplay footage of Final Fantasy XV from the 2014 Tokyo Game Show and learned new details about its demo release.

Youtube user RajmanGaming HD has posted the provided video from the Tokyo Game Show showcasing gameplay footage of Final Fantasy XV that we didn't see in the official trailer. The video starts off with its user showing off FFXV's dynamic camera system (we apologize for the quality). We also get to see Noctis' skills of teleportation in play as he zips across the map back and forth. Once some monsters and a behemoth join the fray, we get to see Noctis and the rest of the boys in action.

According to Kotaku, Final Fantasy XV's director, Hajime Tabata, explained that Final Fantasy Type-0 HD will contain a voucher for FFXV's demo. The demo will be called Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae. Duscae is a reference to an area within FFXV's world. Tabata said that the demo will take roughly an hour if you take the car directly to your goal and don't bother exploring along the way. You can have Noctis drive the car, putting you in control, or have another party member automatically take you there. Tabata claimed that people who like to explore will find about four hours worth of engaging gameplay from the demo.

"If things progress well, we'll put in a chocobo. If we don't have time, we won't," Tabata said.

Final Fantasy XV will likely launch for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2016. As stated previously, buying Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, which launches on March 17, 2015, (also for PS4 and Xbox One) will give you access to Final Fantasy XV's demo.

This FFXV gameplay goes well with this song: