Even though Final Fantasy XIV just received a massive overhaul with A Realm Reborn, its Heavensward expansion will be adding the Au Ra race, new jobs, another flying mount and much more. Also, we get a first look at Heavensward's Collector's Edition.

Kotaku reports that Square Enix revealed a bunch of details about Final Fantasy XIV's Heavensward expansion at the game's official fan festival in Tokyo. We know that FFXIV already had some massive changes done when its vanilla edition was met with abysmal criticism and Square Enix had to restart the entire game last year as A Realm Reborn. The biggest change to Eorzea would be the addition of the Au Ra race, who are an Othard-based people with horns and scales. The NPC Yugiri is an example of an Au Ra who is already in the game.

The new Astrologian job is a healer class that uses cards as its main mechanic. The Machinist job is a ranged DPS class that focuses on guns and mechanical turrets. For both of these new jobs, no base class is required to unlock them -- you get them with the expansion.

The new Alexander Raid is based off of the fan favorite summon, but converted into a massive dungeon which you'll enter and explore.

Heavensward players will be getting a new flying mount in the form of a dragon you will befriend during the expansion's quests. Also, Heavensward will feature a new theme song by longtime Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu. We have a feeling this song will be used for a new cinematic intro.

Lastly, we have information on the game's Collector's Edition. Final Fantasy series artist Yoshitaka Amano did its box art. The Collector's Edition will include an art book, a flying dragon mount figure, a display stand, a disc of class videos (likely showing you how to play), and three exclusive in-game items. These items include Cecil's Dark Knight helmet from Final Fantasy IV, a toy Kain minion and a flying griffin mount.

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward will launch sometime in Spring 2015.

That Alexander though: